What do I need to capture 360 pictures?2018-09-10T16:23:47+02:00

Capturing 360 pictures is possible in many ways. The differences include price, image quality and time + complexity to capture.

  1. [RECOMMENDED FOR INDIVIDUALS] With a smartphone, if possible with tripod and using apps: Cheapest way, Good quality but long time to capture
  2. With a standard camera, using panorama software: Expensive, Great quality but also high complexity
  3. [RECOMMENDED FOR PROFESSIONALS] With a 360 camera, easiest and fastest way, good quality, correct prices
Can I take 360 pictures without any hardware?2018-09-10T16:23:34+02:00

Yes! We still recommand using a tripod for best results but it’s entirely possible to capture 360 pictures with nothing else than your smartphone.

We personally used the Google Street View App for getting the best results. You can see a video tutorial on the How It Works page.

How much does it cost to capture 360 pictures?2018-09-10T16:23:28+02:00

It really depends on your use and how much you want to spend. You get good results without spending a dime using only a smartphone, but if you want best quality and time economy, you’re gonna want to buy a tripod and maybe a 360 camera.
You can get a good tripod under 50€ and a good camera under 400€.

Do I need any knowledge or skills to use the app?2018-09-10T16:26:57+02:00

The app was made for everyone. No coding knowledge or special skill needed. We have videos explaining every step of setting up your virtual tour so you shouldn’t be lost.

How much time does it take?2018-09-10T16:38:29+02:00

Building your virtual tour is quicker than ever with home-viewer.

Imagine you’re building a virtual tour of a 10 rooms house, here is the time you’ll spend:

  1. Capture pictures: less than 5 minutes with a 360 camera, less than 15 minutes with a smartphone
  2. Create your tour online: less than 10 minutes
  3. Export your tour to your website: 1 minute

With a 360 camera, you can get your tour done in a few minutes

What 360 picture file is compatible?2018-09-10T16:42:42+02:00

The app takes standard 360 pictures in jpg, jpeg and png format.

One example of 360 picture:

On what support can I use the app?2018-09-10T16:46:03+02:00

Although virtual tours can be viewed on many supports (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, VR Headset), our editor app is currently only available on a desktop via our web-app on app.home-viewer.com

What are the export options?2018-09-10T16:53:28+02:00

By default, we offer three export ways:

  1. Simple Link: redirects to full screen virtual tour
  2. Embed link: enables a virtual tour inside a website
  3. QR Code: printable code, redirects to full screen virtual tour
Can I get the tour into my website?2018-09-10T16:56:58+02:00

Yes, it is as simple as a youtube video. Just copy and paste the embed code on your export panel into your website where you want it to display.

How can I share it on an AirBnb, Booking or website page?2018-09-13T19:51:14+02:00

If the website allows you, you can directly integrate the visit into the website with the embed code. If you don’t have this access, the most simple way is to share the link in the export options. Your clients will be redirected to a full screen virtual tour of your place.

How does the pricing system works?2019-04-15T18:26:15+02:00

We believe everyone should be able to make their own virtual tours easily. That is why we made the basic membership free.

If you need more than the basic membership (need to make more virtual tours, add your logo, customize more settings…), you can subscribe to the pro membership. We also offer a variety of add-ons to upgrade your membership and add more tours.