Easy to use web app

Discover our tour editor

Everyone is capable of creating a tour with home viewer’s tour editor. We built our app to be accessible and intuitive.

In the tour editor, you will be able to manage transitions, hotspots, thumbnails, photos, floor plans, and many more.

Smartphone App

The smartphone app handles the capture of 360 pictures. You can either choose to use a specialized 360 camera like the ricoh theta or insta360, or use your smartphone camera to create the panorama.

Find below the supported cameras:


Your Smartphone

Ricoh theta SC

Ricoh Theta SC

Ricoh theta V

Ricoh Theta V

Ricoh Theta z1

Ricoh Theta Z1

Linking 360 scenes

Easy as 360

Making links between scenes is fast and easy. In two clicks, select the destination and drag your hotspot at the right place.

Add stunning floor plans

Create or upload your floor plans


You can upload a floor plan from an image, but you can also create your floor plan with a partner web app: Floor Plan Creator. Your visitors will appreciate having a feel of space and locations by traveling your tours.

Take 2D Photos

Save time by virtually taking HD photos straight from the App. Enjoy the HDR lighting and wide angle shots!

Share your tour

Embed in a website


Once your tour is created, just copy and paste the embed code to your website to have your tour displayed anywhere inside your web pages.

Single short link


Your tour created, you are given a short link that you can share anywhere (website, email, social networks…)

Responsive Tour


The tour can be viewed on any device or screen size ( pc, tablet, smartphone, smart tv…)

QR Code


The best way to share a tour on printable documents ( flyers, posters…). Your code is automatically created and downloadable as an image.

Explore in VR! You will love it.

The most impressive and immersive experience to visit a tour. Your tours are compatible with all VR devices.

Unique Customization Features

Right in the tour editor

Home Viewer Logo

Personalization Features

With your informations

Add your logo, your business and your contact informations to your page and your tours. Your clients will know where and how to find you.


Follow your tour views with our statistics. You will get all the major informations about who visited your tour.

Help Center

We offer solutions to help you achieve your goals on the app.



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You can contact us for any problem you find and we will reply as soon as possible.