How to blur your 360 images?

In 1 minute with our new built-in tool!

Blurring 360 images is essential as you need to protect the image rights of any individual appearing into the pictures, as well as ID plates or any sensible information. Many owners will also want to hide any valuable items like art and security systems.

We are proud to show you our brand new blurring tool, right inside the Home Viewer App. You don’t need any editing skills for using it, just open the tool and paint the sensible information!

blur finished

How does it work?

1. Get into the tour editor and find the image you want to blur

Nothing complicated here, just go to the image you need to blur!


2. Click the blur button to open the tool

blur button

Click this button to open the tool.

3. Paint the areas you want to hide

blur tool

You can use the paint tool and the eraser.


4. Apply

Click the button and it will apply. It might take a few seconds for the server to reprocess the images.